DApp Hackathon and unConference about decentralised systems

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Dapphack is an unconference about systems and protocols without centralised ownership. It’s 100% practical and 100% not for profit. Hear about latest tools, libraries and useful things to build you dapps on top of, and try them out.

Last year Dapphack focus was general - from p2p protocols, decentralised storage, and decentralised applications. This year we would like to steer it a bit towards contracts. Smart contracts, dumb contracts - scripts that run on decentralised computers and distribute trust in the ways that can’t be exploited. Tools to create open systems not silos.

Last year’s content on Alexandria HERE

All the projects are presented by the core team members. In fact they should be called contributors, because they don’t just speak, they build and show useful stuff. Amongst this year’s contributors we expect:

What DAppHack is not: BS overdose, hearing about Blockchain as a disruptive gamechanger that will revelotionize the $industry.

Fresh stuff about tools & libraries from people who built:

  • IPFS
  • Noobs Welcome

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